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  • Individual Components

    500Kva Baudouin Diesel Generator

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    500Kva prime 550Kva standby power Baudouin AMF diesel generator set in SAC

  • Individual Components

    500Kva Perkins Diesel Generator

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    Engine Type:           Perkins 2506A-E15TAG2 diesel water-cooled.

    Alternator:                Marelli single bearing or equivalent.

    Exhaust system:       Residential mild steel muffler with stainless steel flex.

    Voltage:                       230/400 V.A.C. at 0.8 pf. (+/- 790A per phase).

    Frequency:                  50 Hz.

    Speed:                           1500 Rpm

    Base frame:                 Mild steel.

    Panel:                            Automatic mains failure panel with 800A motorised changeover switch.

    Canopy                         Sound + weatherproof canopy. (Powder coated + lockable).

    Fuel tank:                     900L tank.

    Altitude rating:          Sea level.

    Battery:                      2 x 100Ah maintenance free.

    Water jacket Heater for easy starting in cold weather.

    Set of manuals and circuit diagram.

    Lifting eye.

    Service intervals: 250Hrs or every 12 months whatever comes first.

    Control panel incorporates the following instrumentation and facilities:

    Deepsea 4520 auto mains failure control module. (Incorporates full protection + readouts).

    Mains + generator motorised change over switch. (Isolator + manual change over switch).

    Generator circuit breaker.

    Battery charger.

    Powder coated panel.

    Emergency stop.

    Protection and Alarms

    Engine high temp.

    Low oil pressure.

    Low fuel level.

    Abnormal voltage.

    Abnormal speed.

    Start failure.


  • Individual Components

    500Kva Volvo Diesel Generator

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    500Kva prime 550Kva standby power Volvo AMF diesel generator set in SAC